Immersive Tourist Experiences

Using AR to bring the world to life

See the world in a whole new way with our AR expeinces. See the Titanic back in the dock where it was built, or walk along the decks and see how it really looked.

Titanic - Back in Belfast

A visitor experience allowing the ship to be viewed in fulls scale back on the slip way where it was originally built. Also allowing the user to walk the decks and appreciate the surroundings within context.

Armagh Planetarium

Created for visitors, the immersive experience allows for a full scale Saturn 5 rocket to be launched within the Astro Park. All part of the 50th Anniversary celebration of the first moon landing.

Armagh Planetarium

Within the Planetarium, a designated space has been created for young children to re-imagine the space as being within a crater, watching Neil Armstrong and his crew land.Supported with interactive fact finding.


Visit the Belfast Peace Walls and use the App to walk the virtual time line. Learn how the Good Friday Agreement is recognised around the world for making Belfast a City of Peace.